INSTO allows people and businesses to create unique scheduled payment plans for purchases or recurring services.

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Confirm an order in the INSTO

Installment Payments,
like buying that fixie:

INSTO allows a buyer to afford a purchase by scheduling Installment Payments over time, Savvy sellers use INSTO to realize more sales, INSTO makes it happen!

Confirm an order in the INSTO

Recurring Payments,
like sub-leasing a room in an apartment:

You can also use INSTO to schedule any Recurring Payments, from rent to class fees or other services, just set the terms, and INSTO will execute the payments over time.

Sign up for free on the INSTO app or website, and either Buyer or Seller can initiate a transaction.

Buyer simply enters credit or debit card info, Seller simply enters bank account info to receive payments

Then a Buyer can send an offer to Seller, or Seller can send a bill to Buyer, once the offer or bill is accepted, INSTO does the rest!

What Is INSTO+?

INSTO+ provides extra protection to the seller, guaranteeing payments [up to a total of $3,000 per transaction]

Our Pricing


INSTO is free for the Buyer. The seller will only need to pay 3.4%+$ 0.30 USD per transaction.


INSTO+ protection can be paid by either Buyer or Seller, or simply absorbed in the purchase price, in accordance with this schedule:

for 1-3 installments
for 4-6 installments
for 7-9 installments
for 10-12 installments

Afford Anything

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