About Us

Afford Anything, Schedule any Payments!

About Us

INSTO is the world's first person-to-person payment platform that allows buyers and sellers to schedule payments over time.

Buy or sell anything, and schedule recurring payments for things like services or rent.

English Version https://ins.to

Traditional Chinese Version https://ins.to/tw/

Instant and Flexible

Customize scheduled payment plans instantly and on the go, from the INSTO app or website.


Once the Buyer and Seller agree on the payment terms, INSTO will automatically process each scheduled payment and notify the parties as it does so.


All your scheduled payment details are shown upfront and easily accessible anytime. No surprises!

Our Pricing

INSTO is free for the Buyer. The seller will only need to pay 3.4%+$ 0.30 USD per transaction.

INSTO+ protection can be paid by either Buyer or Seller, or simply absorbed in the purchase price, in accordance with this schedule: 0.99% for 1-3 installments, 2.99% for 4-6 installments, 4.99% for 7-9 installments, 6.99% for 10-12 installments.


Please contact us.

Phone Number: 1(669)243-7768

Email: hello@ins.to